Matt Smith is a real estate professional with 11+ years of experience in Toronto’s downtown markets. Not only does Matt bring a wealth of knowledge, an extensive rolodex and a MBA to the table, but his business approach, tenacious negotiating skills and ability to identify opportunities has made Matt an invaluable asset to his clients.

Matt’s clients are often buying some of the most highly sought after properties in the city, and as such they require unparalleled expertise, support and service to facilitate the transaction. Matt also invests and manages a portfolio of residential and commercial properties himself which not only gives him an edge amongst competitors, but also motivates him to stay one step ahead. Having an intimate knowledge of ongoing politics, future developments, builders’ reputations and macroeconomics is a resource Matt’s clients take full advantage of.

Matt subscribes to the notion that information is vital. He collects mass information from a variety of sources to identify the consensus. And when he does, he pushes back against that same consensus. This is often where Matt finds great opportunities. When Matt isn’t brokering deals, he is often exploring the depths of Ontario’s great lakes as he holds both Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver certifications.

Matt is the chief editor of The Yorkville Report which is a monthly publication distributed internationally to thousands of readers which identifies market trends, analyzes statistics, features various properties and speaks to community and neighbourhood events.