When Allan Consky goes to see houses with his clients, he brings along something special - his training as an architect. That architect's eye helps him to advise clients on whether the house is right for them, and whether their renovation dreams will work. Not surprisingly, a large number of loyal clients appreciate the advice, which explains why Allan has consistently been one of the firm's top grossing real estate agents. Allan jumped into real estate in 1983, a few years after graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in architecture. The switch happened quite naturally. While apprenticing at Webb Zerafah Menkes Housden, the largest architectural firm in Canada at the time, he used to advise friends who were buying houses. He was good at it, he loved the world of real estate, so he decided to buy and sell residential real estate as a career. It was a great move. In his first year, Allan was named the "Rookie of the Year" at Darrell Kent Real Estate Limited. By 1989 he was the second highest earning agent at Sadie Moranis Limited, and by 1991 the highest earning agent at Johnston & Daniel Limited, the highest grossing office in Canada. He was one of the youngest agents to achieve that status. Throughout his 21-year career, Allan has won every sales award possible, but more importantly he has rewarded his clients with a high level of discreet customer service, sound advice, great product knowledge, superb negotiating skills and the ability to access real estate through the keen eye of an architecture-trained realtor. "My architectural background helps people realize very quickly if what they are looking at is appropriate for the way they want to live," Allan says. "For buyers planning to renovate, I can quickly separate the realistic ideas from the costly, unrealistic ones. I can also give them direction on what changes will best suit the home. I also help them to consider the impact of any renovations on the value of the home. I have even provided several sketch designs for clients over the years, some of which have directly been turned into working drawings by their architects. In many cases buyers just can't see the latent potential of an unimproved property and I'm able to point it out." "For sellers, I have given valuable guidance on how to prepare the home for sale for maximum return. I've saved them thousands of dollars in unnecessary changes that bring little added value while directing them in spending money frugally to get the best looking house for the least amount of money." When he's not helping clients with their real estate purchases and sales, Allan, cycles competitively as a master road cyclist. He often combines sport with fund raising, and this August completed an 850 kilometre charity ride in 4 days with pledges going to the "Ride for Kids" a charity that supports Ontario's three cancer camps for kids, Camps Trillium, Oochigeas and Quality. Allan Consky, B. Arch. Sales Representative